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            FPC Reinforcing Machine(Cut-loading)1100

            FPC Reinforcing Machine(Adhesive tape loading)2100

            FPC Reinforcing Machine(Etched steel loading)3100

            FPC Reinforcing Machine(Tape-cut loading)4100

            Avtomatic Bonding Maching(With avtoloader)5300

            OUR ADVANTAGE

            Two optical engineer,precision
            optics technology, machine vision optical requirements.
            Senior mechanical engineer 15people,mechanical engineering,project management,and mechanical equipment installation management members. 
            12 professional precision motion 
            control technology engineers.      
            Dr Three more than 20 lead software
            Engineers,8 senior industry technology

            Guangzhou Supersonic Automation Technology Co.Ltd was found in July,2015 which manufactures flexible smart robot equipment and has got the first stock on the New Agency Share Transfer System,stockcode 833753. Supersonic is a high-technology enterprise which is specialized in designing、manufacturing、selling equipments and serving.The robot equipments of Supersonic are not only fast,but a...